Riley at age three, on the beach.

Riley J

Riley Justin Jackson (Born September 10, 2032) is a quarter-blood son of Amberlynn Jackson and Todd Hewitt.


Riley Justin Jackson was born September 10, 2032 and is the quarter blood son of Todd Hewitt and Amberlynn Jackson. He has two other siblings, Keenan Jackson and Robyn Jackson. He is a child of *edit*.

Happy Endings Only Happen In Fairytales.

Riley only appeared once, the morning after he and his siblings birth.


Riley has very light brown hair. It is spiky and rarely combed, only for formal events. He has tanned skin and green eyes. He is described as the one that smiled the most.


Even though both his parents acted Gothic, Riley has a sunny personality (it's a bad pun). He is happy and quite energetic. Often times people think that he and Keenan are twins instead of triplets with Robyn. He is the one that smiles the most out of all the three children. He is spunky and cute.


  • Good singing voice.
  • Healing abilities.
  • Limited water abilities.
  • Smartness.
  • Great poem creation.

Known Family.

  • Amberlynn, Mother.
  • Todd, Father.
  • Robyn, Sister.
  • Riley, Brother.
  • Percy, Maternal Grandfather.
  • Annabeth, Maternal Grandmother.
  • Apollo, Paternal Grandfather.
  • Sophia Hewitt, Paternal Grandfather.
  • Brendan, Maternal Half-Uncle.
  • Mackenzie, Maternal Half-Uncle.

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