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This is the first book in the Rise of the Gods series. It follows the gods as they rise to power - one step at a time.

Chapter 1 - Mistake

If only.
If only I had planned this just a bit better.
Because now there's going to be younger ones.
Rhea's eyes cloud as she sees my reaction.
"No, no," I say quickly. "I would love kids, it's just..."
Rhea nods. "I understand."
I hold up my hand. As the lead Titan, I have to influence them with the fact that I am the King every once and a while. "Don't leave," I say.
Rhea sighs and sits. "Fine."
"My love, I'm not ready to have kids," I begin. "We're just in the beginning of leading the creatures on the earth, must we create the future kings and queens now?"
"We can't die," Rhea reminds me.
"I know that," I sigh.
"Don't worry," Rhea calms. "There are many Titans to take care of the young ones."
I nod. "Yeah, sure."
"These young Titans will be legends," Rhea says. "I promise, Kronos, dear, that everything will be fine."
I nod reluctantly. I vow to dream about this tonight.

Chapter 2 - Idea

As I go about my duties- overseeing the Underworld, the construction of the Pit, and the humans- I cannot help but think of the newest Titans.
I would love for Rhea to happy, I really would. I am not ready for kids. From looking at the humans, the youngest of them do the stupidest things.
I cannot watch them, too. Rhea has enough.
"Lord," a Titan says quietly, "I need you to get rid of something for me."
I am in the underworld, and the Titan is holding out a piece of who-knows-what.
"Eat it," I suggest off the top of my head.
And there is the solution.
Eat my kids.

Chapter 3 - Preparations

There is a room.
A bed.
Rhea is being pampered. She is not daring to go into the room, the room deemed crazy until it is time.
Or until I make her, whichever comes first.
I don't want to leave her side. I have seen the nature of births, the humans spawn much quicker than us Titans.
They also die faster.
One day Rhea says to me, "I would like a human-grown fruit."
"Human-grown?" I say dubiously. "Why?"
"Because," she snarls.
I go to the land of the mortals and hand-pick one. The human tending does not notice.
When I give it to her, she throws it away. "Why would I want this? The ones Titans grow are much better."
I stare at her. "Is something wrong, my Queen?"
"You bring me something disgusting, and expect me to eat it?" Rhea snarls. I can tell it is a rhetorical question. She is good at those. "Go pick me a good fruit," Rhea tells me, her voice cold.
It is all I can do to obey her. I pick a Titan fruit, which shines in the darkness.
I give Rhea the fruit and she smiles at me. "Thank you for the generous act."
I give her a small smile.
"I'm not hungry, though," Rhea continues.
I sigh.
Then Rhea's eyes widen. I gasp.
"It's time," Rhea breathes.
But I already know. I am the Lord of time.

Chapter 4 - A Meal is Made

I rush Rhea to the room deemed crazy and lay her on the bed.
"Have you ever seen a human give birth?" Rhea breathes.
I nod. "It-" I refrain from saying that it sounds painful.
Rhea stares at me for a long time, then screams in pain.
Seconds later, there is a baby girl.
"Kronos!" Rhea screams. "W-what are you doing?"
"Making sure that our children don't overtake us," I reply.
"Get out of here!" Rhea screams at me. Another child- a boy.
"I promise I'll give you the children! I don't want to see you eat them!" Rhea screams.
A boy. Yum.
I nod and leave the room.
She later comes out with a three more bundles.
I swallow them all.
Rhea gives me a small smile, and walks away.
I know why. Her children are lost.
Inside me.

The next book is called Trick.

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