Chapter 1 - Inside

A wail.
I stretch my eyes open. I am in an enclosed space.
The thing next to me is crying.
Be quiet! I think.
Something silences the crying thing.
I am so confused.
On my other side, something prods me.
I look over to see a chubby, smiling face.
Go away! I think.
Hah dis? What?
"Hah-deez..." the face says.
I smile, suddenly.
"Poz-ee-doon..." I say. I make up his name off the top of my head.
"Hah-deez..." Pozeedoon says.
"Poz-ee-doon..." I murmur back.

Chapter 2 - Powerful

I carry the bundle to the Otherland, where the humans live.
I lay the bundle down in a cornfield. The bundle is well out of Kronos's sight, he does not bother to come here.
A storm rages ahead.
"A storm," I murmur.
I turn to the bundle, which has a baby boy inside.
"You're going to cause a storm," I whisper to him. "You'd better be ready."
"Zees," he whispers back.
I gasp. "Yes, it will be powerful."
"Zees," he whispers.
"Powerful." I say. "Zeus, you will be so strong."

Chapter 3 - Rock

"Hesta!" I call.
"What, Pozeedoon?" she asks, looking up from her game with Demter.
"Look! Rock!" I say.
"Wait, Pozeedoon," Demter says, "it could be cursed."
I pick it up. "It's not."
Hahdeez comes over. "Woah!" he says. "A rock."
I gasp as the rock sets on fire, but I somehow am not hurt.
"Hahdeez!" Demter says. "Stop that."
"Fine..." Hahdeez says.
"Hay-deez," Hesta suddenly says.
"Hay-deez..." I murmur. "That's a cool name!"
"It sounds like mine..." Hahdeez says.
"It is yours," Hesta says. "Hay-deez."
"Hay-deez," Hahdeez murmurs.
"Hest-ee-uh!" I say suddenly.
"Hestia," Hesta says. "That's my name!"
"Poz-i-done," Hades says.
"Poseidon," I say.
"Dem-eat-er!" Hestia says.
"Demeter," Demter echos. "That's mine! Mine!"
I smile. "Hi Hades. Hi Demeter, Hi Demeter."
"Hi, Poseidon," they all say.
Poseidon is my name, I think. I like it."

Chapter 4 - The Cornfield

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