The Rise of the Titans series was an AU fanfiction series that takes place during the Battle of the Labyrinth when another reason causes the Greek Heroes to enter into the Labyrinth, Kronos' youngest Titan brother is about to awaken and the Heroes find themselves in a race against time to stop the monsters from finding the place he was sealed away, but for what reason is Kronos so obsessed with unleashing his younger brother and what are the powers that this Titan holds?


A fanfiction cetered around the rise of Kronos with the addition of Kronos' new mate and younger brother, the mysterious fate of the Titan Goddess Rhea is revealed as well as the mysterious preferred form of the Titan King Kronos, meanwhile the newly proclaimed Titan of Storms has risen from Mount Helens and is marching East to New York City to stike at Olympus.


Titan Forces

Olympian Forces




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