This is the first fanfic of mine. I will work on it during school and add more every morning. It is about Ally Grant, an unclaimed demigod. She is going to turn 13 in a week, and the gods might break their promise.

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A flash of blonde appeared in the woods beside me as I trudged along. I glanced over to make sure it wasn't one of the many monsters in the woods. It wasn't. It was just Pine, my best friend. He winked at me and smiled mischievously. I rolled my eyes. I knew he and his siblings were planning some kind of trick.

Of course, as soon as I broke my gaze with him, I was tripped. I pushed myself up and glanced at Pine again. He was covering his mouth, stifling a laugh. But he wasn't the one. I turned my gaze until I saw Travis Stoll looking around innocently. I took a hunting knife out of my belt and flung it in his direction.

It landed in a tree right next to him. I had missed on purpose, just wanted him to know I knew. I took the knife out of the bark and pointed it at him aggressively. I then sheathed it and kept walking.

You see, Pine and Travis were sons of Hermes, and so were some other people. They were all demigods, like me. But unlike me, they knew their parents and I didn't. For some unseen reason, my parent hadn't claimed me yet. I am going to turn 13 in a week, so he had better hurry.

It is almost 2 years after The Second Olympic War. I hadn't even known I was a demigod at the time. I had been in Manhatten though and I'm telling you, suddenly seeing thousands of monsters was well terrifying.

Finally, we stumbled out of the woods. A light snow covered the ground and way fewer demigods than usual were out and about. Chiron was sitting on the Big House porch, talking with Rachel Dare.

I walked to the canoe lake, drawn to it. I sat on the pier and watched the naiads weave.


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