“My faithful follower, time has come. All has been set in place for it to begin. Finally, the day of reward is near.” A dark figure sat in the middle of a dome-shaped room. Above him, the ceiling was like someone cut a ball in half, and put one half on top of a building, and set it up so there would be projections on the roof. The current projection was of camp half blood, constantly panning to different sights. It often came back to one sight—two teenagers sitting on a hill, looking up at the stars. They weren’t too bright, and the there weren’t too many of them. But they seemed thankful for the few they could look at.

“See them? Do you see them, faithful follower? They appear to have forgotten of what they did to you. Funny, is it not?” A deep voice chuckled. “Tomorrow morning, it shall start. So go, faithful follower, go take your place in this plan. Return to me victorious, or do not return to me at all.”

A girl walked up behind the dark figure.

“Yes, sire.” The girl said softly. She had a kind voice, but it was obvious that was simply how it was. Her tone was kind, but the way she spoke was not. Even the expression on her face showed years of hard work and pain. It was as if someone had ripped her mind from her, but she could just hold on to a small bit of it. “I will leave you now, and I will return victorious. Or I will die trying to serve my master.”

The dark figure nodded, as if to dismiss the girl. She turned and left the room.

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