Water nymph by shorra-d5i2nfw


Rochelle is a daughter of Thalassa who is the consort to the primordial sea god Pontus, (so basically she is like the primodial version of Amphitrite) and when she was born, her father put her up for adoption, but everyone who adopted her just put her back up for adoption, as she has a habit of making weird things happen,and getting into trouble, especially around rivers, pond or cold water fish and sea's and lakes.

After she had been rejected 9 times, she decided she had, had enough, so at the age of 8 she ran away from the orphanage.

A satyr picked up her scent and found her hiding in Central Park, he took her to camp, where she was claimed a few weeks later.

Her favourite places in camp are, the lake and the beach, she also like hanging around in the Hecate Cabin, as her dad was a son of Hecate, she inherited magic, and under the guidance of the Hecate head counselor has practiced her skills and is a fairly gifted witch.

Other than a few friends, she isn't very social, prefering to spend time with aquatic animals, as opposed to humans. 

Name meaning

Rochelle-Little rock

Amitzah- Brave. strong

Isabis- Something Beautiful

Godly Parent Thalassa
Height 5 foot
Hair  light reddish brown, hip length and short.
Eye Colour 1 eye is entirely made up of different coloured flecks, the other is a deep blue
Mortal Parent James Glass
Age 13
Birthday 6/5/99
Powers Hydrokinesis, Cyrokinesis, Atmokinesis, Mystiokinesis, Amokinesis (All to a certain extent except Hydro and Mystiokinesis)  
Weapon A jewelled knife, called Potentia (derived from powerful madness in Latin) , it lets her conduct her magic bettera s well as being a skillful weapon.

Fatal- Turverimo (derived from confusion,concentration and truth in Latin) if someone tells her something she always beleived to be true, she cannot function and goes into denial.

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