Rose Dahlia Lawrence is the goddess daughter of Aether, Goddess of Light, and a member of the Ourea, gods of the mountains.



Rose was a relatively abnormal girl, unnaturally optimistic, selfless, and athletic. however, when she was 12 she had a bad accident, and the doctors reported she had golden blood. The gods then met with her, and determining her to young for her abilities as a goddess, quartered her power, proclaiming she will receive another quarter when she reaches 14, and another when she is 18, and the final when she is 24.

However, Rose decides she cannot bear the upcoming responsisbility of Goddess of the Summit, and will do anything to prevent reaching 24.

Powers and Abilities

As Rose is the Goddess of the summit, she had the powers of any other god or goddess, plus these added few.

  • Oxygen Control Rose can control the oxygen around herself and others.
  • Flying
  • Teleportation However, it takes a five minute concentration point.

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