Ryley James Matthews is a quarter-blood son of Sly Matthews and Maddison Dare. He was born August 2, 2012

Ryley James Matthews

Biographical Information


Sly Matthews

Mother:Maddison Dare
Nicknames: Ghost Whisperer
Date of Birth: August 2, 2012

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black


  • Sly Matthews (father)
  • Maddison Dare (mother)
  • Hades (paternal grandfather)
  • Lindsay Carter (paternal grandmother)
  • Lucas Carter (paternal step-grandfather)
  • Ryley Carter (paternal half-uncle)
  • Nick Carter (paternal half-uncle)
  • Aphrodite (maternal grandmother)
  • James Dare (maternal grandfather)
The Battle for Camp Half-Blood

Name: Ryley James Matthews first name came from his father's half-brother, Ryley Lucas Carter. His middle name came after his maternal grandfather, James Dare.


Ryley is a Quarter-Blood son of Sly Matthews and Maddison Dare. Like his father he will build with rage if anyone tries to hurt his friends or family but he is usually calm like his mother. He can get freaked out easily because of his abilty to know when someone has died.


Abilities from Sly:

  • Shadow Travel
  • Summoning of the dead
  • Putting the dead to sleep
  • Communing with the dead
  • Terrakinesis
  • Destroying skeleton warriors
  • Banishing the dead
  • Resurrecting the dead
  • Releasing the of people who should have died
  • Knowing when a person dies
  • Creating passages to the underworld.
  • Ryley might be able to mentally create skeleton warrirors.

Some of these powers are tiring for Nico, particularly Shadow Travel, summoning the dead, and putting the dead to sleep.

Abilities from Maddison:

  • Enchants women when he walks.
  • Magical control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry.
  • Minor degree of love magic.
  • Expert pegasi rider.

Magical Items

Stygian iron Blade, Hell Raiser

Sly gave Ryley his sword when he turned 14. Hell Raiser is made of Stygian iron. When not in use, Hell Raiser appers to be a hunting knife stapped to his belt.


He has a pair of BMX gloves, given to him by his father, that if he shouts "prostatavo" which means "protect" they will transform into a a Stygian iron war shield. When he clickes a button on the back it turns back to gloves.

Family and Friends


  • Sly Matthews: Ryley and his father have the same body build and sense of style. They love each other to bits.
  • Emily Dare: Ryley is as calm as his mother most of the time. They have an empathy link Ryley built when he missed her when she went on a trip with Sly when he was 6 and had to stay with his grandfather, James Dare.
  • Ryley and Nick Carter: His half-uncles. Ryley was named after his uncle so they had to love each other. Nick doesn't like Sly though so he hates Ryley.
  • Lindsay Carter: Ryley's only met his grandmother 3 times.
  • James Dare: James hated Sly and hates Ryley and never wanted him born.


  • Garett Kings: His only friend. Garett is also his secon cosin.

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