Sabre Stevan Robson
Sabre school 2
Heh, catch me if you can!
The Joker
One of the Robson Siblings
Friend of Chris Rodriguez
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 1998
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Gabriel Robson (Father)

Melissa MacTavish (Mother) Andrew Robson (Twin Brother) Hope Robson (Adopted Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7
Alias The Joker
Affiliation Half-Blood High
Weapons um...he's a great writer, does a pen count?
Species Mortal
Home New York
Appearances Demigod High
Quests quests? um....he once sneaked down from his room when he was little to steal a bag of cookies from the kitchen

Son of Gabriel Robson and Melissa MacTavish, Twin brother of Andrew Robson (who was born a thy hours older) and adoptive brother of Hope Robson (formerly Hope Price)&nbsp


Was born in Chicago along with his brother but soon moved to New York when he was 2 so his father could live near his brother, Zeus, a thy years later Mr Robson introduced Hope to Sabre and Andrew who welcomed him happily but Hope was cold to them, having watched his parents being murdered.

They all went to seperate Private Middle Schools till they all enrolled into Half-Blood High which was run by Sabre's 3 Uncles, Poseidon, Hades and Zeus.


He is the cheerful and practical joker of the Robson siblings, often seen in his class, smiling as he did his work or playing jokes on other people with his best friend, Chris Rodriguez.

He is also kind and caring like his brother, Andrew.


Andrew and Sabre look exactly like each other except Sabre has blue eyes like his father while Andrew has green eyes like his mother, he wears the school uniform pretty often, a orange blazer, buttoned up white shirt, tie, grey pants and sneakers.

When on weekends his wears a plain blue shirt, his blue jacket, jeans and boots.

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