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Sam Adams
Sam Adams
Son of Achelois
Former Cabin Counselor
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 11th January
Current age 21
Gender Male
Family Achelois (Mother)

Francesca Adams (Full Sister)

Sohalia Hurst (Half-Sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'1'
Alias Sammy (Francesca)
Affiliation Olympus
Weapons Sword
Species Demi-god
Home Camp Half-Blood

New York

Appearances Tales of the Achelois Cabin
Quests None
Stay Away from my little sister!

Sam Adams talking to Thomas Wild about Francesca Adams

 Samuel Adams goes to college in New York during the week but returns to Cap Half-Blood every weekend and holidays to see his sister and half-sister. but used to live in Camp Half-Blood, when he was at Camp Half-Blood he used to live in Cabin 29.

He is a demigod, a son of Achelois and he never got to know his father. He has a full blooded younger sister called Francesca Adams, and a half sister called Sohalia Hurst .


Before Camp Half-Blood

Before Sam went to Camp Half-Blood he lived with his younger sister, Francesca Adams. His father left him and his sister when Sam was 11 and Francesca was 5. When, at his school he was found by a satyr, who took him to Camp Half-Blood without saying anything to his sister.

Camp Half-Blood

When Sam reached Camp Half-Blood, he was claimed by Achelois and went to live in Cabin 29, he was the only one in the cabin until a few years later, Sohalia Hurst was claimed by Achelois. He then became the counselor for the cabin, being the oldest  in the cabin, and the one with the most experience. When Sam reached 18 he decided that it was time his sister came to Camp Half-Blood.

Francesca was claimed by Achelois and went to live in Cabin 29 with Sam and Sohalia. Then, when Sam turned 19 he decided that he would go to college in New York and rent an apartment and stay at Camp Half-Blood during the weekends and holidays, he would still hold his position as Cabin Counselor.

Cabin 29

Cabin 29 is the cabin for the children of Achelois. Currently, there are only three people in the cabin, Sam Adams, Francesca Adams (who are full brother and sister) and Sohalia Hurst

Achelois is the Minor Greek Goddess of the moon, her name literally means "She who washes away Pain."

The cabin is made from limestone which glows softly gold when it is a clear night, especially if it is a full moon, when the moon is at its brightest. Inside the cabin it is quite small, in the centre there is a wooden table and then at the back are three single beds. 

Sam is the cabin counselor.

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