Toothless grins
'Spirits of the underworld there is 4,234,125 more people here!"the gaurd said. Bianca was used to be in the underwold, she knew were the gardens were and some tunnels to the world up top. So Bianca went to see the new spirits. When she got to the Gate she saw two girls her own age. "hi my name is Bianca"said it was a big mistake because one of the girls was half dracaene and half girl. Bianca knew probably not possible ,but she just baked away slowly. When she was backing away she stepped on a stick( trust me I never knew how sticks get down there). The dracaene wirled around and lunged at Bianca. The other girl jumpped on the dracaene's back and flipped it over."Samantha get off of me!!!" it yelled. "Never! Unless you stop attacking people.' "Fine"said the dracaene.Samantha hopped off the dracaeneand rushed tword Bianca. "Are you okay" "I'm fine " Bianca said. soon Samantha and Bianca were best friends( in the under world)

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