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Samuel "Shadow" White is the demigod son of Khione, the goddess of snow.

Shadows And Ice

He is the main character. He is also shown expressing feelings for Winona Grace, a daughter of Hecate.


He has gray hair, icy blue eyes. He's 5'7 and weighs 127 lbs. Thirdly, he has fair skin. Finally, his right arm is in a hidden brace from being pushed into a wall by a huge bully (really a Laistrygonian giant) in second grade.


He's cool and collective. However, he prefers to work alone, having few friends at camp.

Theme Songs

  • It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects
  • Hero - All Insane Kids


  • Khione (Mother)
  • Boreas (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Eos (Maternal Great-Grandmother; Most likely faded)


  • Freezing things
  • Can't get cold
  • Slight air manipulation
  • Creating ice weapons

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