Sarah Grace Whimhelm
Lols! I know more then you know Hah!
The Daughter of Athena
Heiresss to Athena
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 5 1998
Current age 13
Gender Girl
Family Athena

Some Unkown Mortal Man

Status Alive, Single
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color straight and brown
Height 5.00
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Weapons Her one sword
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half Blood
Appearances Long brown hair and Grey eyes
Quests None

  • History
  • Persiontly


When Sarah was born, her father aboned her in a opharnge in Sweden, She was a child of a Mitarty Commander. He was also a brillant mathmatics teacher at Harfort. Athena met him as a visting Professor form Sandford in 1999, She deguisted her self as a women with long brown wavy hair and dark tan skin and light brown eyes and she looked about 29 years old. They met in the teachers loghe and when they first saw each other they fell insatly in love. Athena's fake name was: Juliette Aimee Whimhelm. Juliette had her child on Febury 1 1999, Then she died giving birth to Sarah... Her father went to Sweden and gave her to a dear freind of his when she was 2 months old. This dear friend was a mom to her all of Sarahs life, Her fathers dear friend was called: Maria Helana Grace Whimhelm . She was named after Maria's sister. Then Maria died of Cancer at the age 58. When Sarah was only 2 years old, A sarty came and took her to camp half blood only 6 hours later. Sarah lived in camp half blood for years happy and safe.


Cheerfull and full of engery, and is a progety at Math and Seince. Also a Singing Sension

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