Everyone knows about Zoe Nightshade. Well, she was reborn thrice. As . . .

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Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Jenna Roberts was born on March 6, 2010.

Cabin: Morpheus
Weapen of Choice: Her two hunting knives; Farenheit, blessed by Artemis can put people to sleep. Unifier, blessed by Athena can awaken. Both can wound.
Age: 12
Hair Coler: Brown
Eye Coler: Being a daughter of Morpheus it varies
Height: 3'9
Birthday: March 6, 2010

Sarah's Stories


Sarah is brought to Camp Half Blood. She is the main character. She musrt go on a quest . . .

Future Stories

Sarah will probably be featured in OC's Together 3 and has signed up for a sequel to Reborn.

Sarah's Personality

Sarah is very sweet, her fatal flaw. Even though she will hurt monsters, and sometimes demigods, she will only kill monsters or evil people.

Sarah is surprised she can do arachery so well, one of Zoe's traits.

Sarah's Known Family

Morpheus- father

Elinor Roberts- mother

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