Don't mess with the Flying Ace.
Flying Ace
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth March 7, year unknown
Current age uknown, immortal
Gender Female
Family unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color purple
Hair Color pink
Height 5'7
Alias Flying Ace, Sara
Affiliation Noel Likiki, Olympus, Guardian Angels
Weapons Bow and Arrow, angelic powers
Species Angel
Home heaven
Appearances none
Quests None

Saraphina is a guardian angel, the protector of Noel Likiki.


Saraphina has pink hair, purple eyes, and full lips. She is always seen with a smile on her face. Her wings are a beautiful white, and she always wears a white dress.


Saraphina is your typical angel, but she is a little more rebellish. She is often scolded by elder angels for her mischevious personality.

Weapons and Powers

Luna Flare- Her bow

speed- SAraphna has more speed than a normal angel, especially when she's flying. hence the nickname 'flying ace'

flight- with her wings, Saraphina can fly.

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