Serah Beau
Daughter of Oizys
Greek Demigod
[To-be] Goddess of Beauty, Love, Pleasure, and Procreation.
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth -
Current age -
Gender Female
Family Oizys - Mother

Frank Beau - Father

Status Alive

[To be] Immortal

Eye Color Blue/Gray
Hair Color Light Blonde
Height 5'5"
Alias -
Affiliation -
Weapons -
Species Demigod

[To be] Goddess

Home -
Appearances -
Quests -


Misery Inducement [Source]


The user can induce a state of tearful sorrow on themselves or on others and make their enemies woeful and miserable and at a high level some users can make their target commit suicide.


  • Users of Apathy are immune.
  • May be overwhelmed by Happiness Inducement and Love Inducement.

Misery Empowerment [Source]


The user can gain strength by feeding off people's (and their own) misery.

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