Serena as a little girl, probably age 6.

Serena Zoe Jackson (born October 30, 2014) is the Quarter-blood daughter of Thalia Jackson (nee Grace) and Percy Jackson.


Three years after the birth of Lilith Jackson, Thalia gave birth to Serena Jackson. She was born the day before Halloween. She is now eleven years old, and the youngest in her class.


Serena has black hair like everyone else in her close family. Her hair is short and wavy, like Percy's would be if he grew it out. She is an easy blusher. She'll blush at anything, it seems. She has no freckles. Her skin is fair but not greatly so. Her eyes are electric blue, like her mother's. Her style is a bit more girly than her sister's or mothers.


Being a child of Percy, Serena can often act dimwitted. She is shy, very much so. She is so shy, that when she went to kindergarten, it took her four months to make one friend. Serena is collected and quiet. She can sit, not talking, for over a half-hour. She is not easily angered, like either of her parents. Her nickname is Weather-Girl, because of her ability to control weather. With great difficulty, but she still can.She likes to read.


  • Weather control.
  • Ability to breathe underwater.
  • Hightened ability to swim.
  • Can control turbulence.
  • Ability to talk to horses and zebras.
  • Can control the Mist.
  • Can make waves out of nowhere, drenching her power almost fully, but can any ways.

Known Family.

  • Thalia, Mother.
  • Percy, Father.
  • Lilith Jackson, Older sister.
  • Poseidon, Grandfather.
  • Zeus, Grandfather.
  • Hades, Great-Uncle.
  • Tyson, Half-uncle.
  • Sally Blofis (nee, Jackson), Grandmother.
  • Mrs. Grace, Grandmother.
  • Paul Blofis, Step-Grandfather.
  • Any relatives of Zeus and Poseidon are related to her.


  • Serena has heavy asthma and mild lung cancer which she is scheduled for surgery to remove.
  • Serena is named after Thinaboutthisname's cousin, Serena.
  • Lol, sorry for the size of the picture.

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