Serena dressing up a bit for we dont know what reason


Something that Serena would wear regulary with a pair of skinny black jeans and a pair of black combat boots

Serena Cassandra Torres
Child of Sky/Wind and Death/Bones
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth March 15th
Current age Unknown
Gender Female
Family Mother- Angelos
Status Alive
Eye Color Violet-Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5
Alias Black haired Violet-Blue eyed girl
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Katana
Species Demigod
Home Unknown
Appearances Unknown
Quests None
Serena Torres is the daughter of Angelos, who is the daughter of Zues 

Serenas halloween costume one year

and  Hera.

When the Aphrodite cabin got her and forced her to wear this


Serena is from Fairfield, Vermont. She ranaway when a monster attacked and put her father in the hospital. ---Time skip/ information not acessible--- She ran all the way to camphalf-blood the sky and earth giving her signs on where to go. Shes been alone for a long time and even at school she didnt have many friends.Serena has been at camp for a year.


Serena has Black hair and Blue eyes. She is also 5'5 feet. She wears alot of dark clothing


She likes to be alone most of the time. Shes not one for people. Usually she seems more like a dark kind of person but shes actually very nice.

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