Set Hegab
Set Hegab
"In battle, you use every resource that roles your way."
Son of Hyperion
DemiTitan Representative
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 9/20/95
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Hyperion (father)

April Hegab (twin) Mother unknown

Status Alive
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Black
Height 5'10"
Alias none
Affiliation Mount Othrys DemiTitans

Camp Half-Blood

Weapons Greatsword (Av̱gerinós)
Species DemiTitan
Home California
Appearances The Bane of Olympus
Quests Quest to seize the Elysian Diamond (ongoing)

Set Hegab is a son of Hyperion and twin of April Hegab. He leads the DemiTitans that live inside of Mount Othrys, training them in the hope of one day banishing the Titans forever. He wields a giant blade of Chaotic Titanium named Morning Star.


As long as Set can remember, he's lived inside of the anthill-like tunnels of Mount Othrys with April. He trained alongside his fellow Demititans , fighting monsters, fighting each other, until the day Prometheus them to them with a proposal. They negotiated that the DemiTitans would help destroy Camp Half-Blood, in exchange for the halting of all DemiTitan creation. Thus, the DemiTitans joined the Lycanthropes, Arachnids, Titans, Telkhines, and Empousai in the Promethian Alliance. Upon the failing of the mission, Set and his remaining DemiTitans fled back to Mount Othrys. Ever since the peace negotiations between DemiTitans and Demigods, Set has been stuck at Camp Half-Blood as the Mount Othrys ambassador.

Set has no real family besides April. His mother, like the vast majority of women who birth DemiTitans, died during childbirth. He hates his father Hyperion, and hates all Titans. All DemiTitans hate their fathers. Those few DemiTitans who have Titans for mothers (such as Calypso and Rhea) are more lucky.


Set is introverted, cynical, and determined. He isn't afraid to fight monsters or even other demigods or even the Titans themselves. He fights for all of those DemiTitans that can't fight for themselves yet, and isn't afraid to die for his comrades.

DemiTitan Powers

  • Set can control light, fire, electricity, and all other light sources.


  • A giant greatsword of Chaotic Titanium named Morning Star. The sword is heat-resistant, and feels as light as a switch in Set's hands.
  • A guitar.

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