Shine 5 is a band created by Percy Jackson, Reya Milan, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, and Piper McLean


Shine 5 was origanally created by Percy and Reya, and they asked Jason, Thalia, and Piper to join. Their first public preformance was in New York Youth Talent Competition. They preformed Maroon 5's hit 'Payphone', with Percy doing the main singing, Jason rapping, Reya on the drums, Thalia playing guitar, and Piper on the piano.

How they got their name

Reya was watching TV while she was listening to Payphone by Maroon 5. An ad for Disney's new movie 'Let it Shine' came on. She was trying to think of a name for the band and then it came to her right then. She also thought it would be perfect because there are five people in the band.


1. Reya found a flyer for the New York Youth Talent Competition while she was at the beach with Percy, and so the band was born.

2. Four members of the band have a boy/girlfriend in the band: Reya and Percy, Piper and Jason

3. They had a different manager, Eddi Omana, but he wasn't telling them when he booked them things and stuff. They fired him and hire Yazmin O'Deli instead.

4. They have a recording contract with SupahStah Recordin Studios.


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