Chapter Two


"What the hell Blaise?!" I coughed a bit, my eyes stinging with smoke. Blaise was wiping soot out of her eyes and wiping grease on her overalls like the rest of her half-siblings. "I'm sorry, I didn't know that would happen!" I shook my head, running my fingers through my hair to get the black dust out, it smelled zinged at the end. "Yeah another Monthly chain reaction of things going wrong. Last month it was Leo who started it! This month it was you!" she looked up at me smiling, "Thats why we're cut-off from the camps funds Terra, we have to many repairs to do each year, month, week, and day. Thoguhwe've found a way to get money and supplies we need" I finally burst out laughing. "You Heaphstus kids are as bad as the Hermes cabin!" Blaise nodded her head, Leo then walked up to us, grinninh his lopsided smile, his hair still in its curly place. "Gods Blaise, I think that was the quickest and most explosive project ever. We almost didn't make it. You've caused more chaos then me." and I added, "Now thats saying something when you cause more havoc then Leo Valedez" We all kept laughing. The Heaphstus kids make many mistakes, but they always have a good laugh out of it. Last week a tiny robot tick exploded, the thing was that it was on Mr. D at the time! (you can just imagine what happened next :D) They got in serious trouble and almost got turned into dolphins, but Chiron talked to Mr. D. Chiron was not happy about it, but it was totally worth the scolding Blaise told me. and I beleived her, I saw it explode on Mr. D myself!

"Well I'm gonna go check up on all our other siblings and the repair plans." Blaise nodded her head towards Leo, "I'll help as soon as I finish talking to Terra" I shook my head, "It's fine go with Leo. I'll tell Annabeth and her siblings to come over if they haven't seen the smoke yet while Im walking to my cabin' Blaise smiled at me greatfully and with that she walked away with her half-brother.

I sighed, this literally always happens. I don't need to go get the Athena Cabin. I hear them coming already. I started walking towards the stables. Vivians probably out walking on the beach or reading a book, so maybe I could spend time with Era, Blaise is my bestfriend in the entire world. But sometimes I think she has to much on her hands.Somestimes....I just feel left out of place here. I've ever really been in peace was when I was only with the moms Rhea so I sort of get that a bit;..though is it the good that I could never get along with?

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