Skylar Hughes
Daughter of Hermes
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth August 5th
Current age 21/22 (If Alive)
Gender Female
Family Hermes-Father

Laura Hughes-Mother

Rachel Hughes-Half-Sister

Status Unknown
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'7
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Affiliation Self
Weapons {{{weapons}}}
Species Greek Demigod
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Appearances TBA
Quests None
Skylar Kirsten Hughes is a daughter of Hermes and the oldest Hughes sibling.


Skylar has long, dark brown hair and hazel-gold eyes. She has pale skin, and is about 5'7.


Skylar is very independant. She hates when people pay too much attention (not meaning she dislikes attention, she just doesn't like a lot of it).




Fatal Flaws

Independent- She can refuse to take help from another, even in life-or-death situations

Illness- Different types of cancers and other diseases run in her family.

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