Chapter 2

Still feeling drowsy, Skylar staggered to the door, opening it curiously. A tall girl, with wavy, light blond hair and green eyes, whom he did not know, stood affront him. "Sorry, are you looking for someone?" Skylar asked.

"You're Sky Jennex, right?"

"... Uh, I prefer Skylar."


"D'you want me for something?"

"Uh... yeah - were you at the campfire last night, Sky?"

"No. I stayed up late the night before, so I went to bed early yesterday. Did I miss something important?"

"Yeah... You know Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the oracle?"

"Did she say a prophecy?"

"Yeah. Chiron wants you to be a part of the quest."


"Yeah. And beli​eve me, I didn't ask for you," the girl sighed.

"Can you tell him I'll be there in like, ten minutes?"

Noak496 Noak496

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