Skyler M

Skyler Sophie Lasko Mackenzie (born May 17, 1994) is a daughter of Aphrodite

Dream On

Skyler is Alena Skalsky's best friend in Dream On.

When Alena gets kidnapped, Skyler is the only one who may be able to save her life.

She plays a part in Alena's rescue, being the one to tell Angelina about it. Afterwards, she heads to camp with the twins and Angelina.

During a day by the lake, she gets claimed by Aphrodite.


Skyler is a kind hearted girl, liking swimming and makeup more than anything in the world. She can be mean when she wants to be. When she isn't spending her time writing poems or shopping, Skyler likes to play video games. She can be quite obnoxious at times. Mostly though, she is just an outgoing and talented girl who has a sensitive side, even though she never shows it. She's rather hot-blooded too, being calm on the outside but very emotional on the inside.


Being obsessed with girly things, Skyler is often seen in shorts, short skirts and such things in the summer time. She has brown hair with a hint of red to it. Her eyes are green like grass. Skyler's hair is quite curly/wavy, curling near the bottom. She is usually seen in 'flats' shoes or skater shoes. She is a very pretty girl, even without makeup on. Her skin is a nice golden tan, having tanned the moment the weather got warm. Skyler is about 5'6 and weighs 127 lbs.

Known Family

  • Carol Lasko-Mackenzie, Step-Mother
  • Matthew Mackenzie, Father
  • Jakob Mackenzie, Half-brother
  • Kirsten Mackensie, Half-sister
  • Aphrodite, Mother


  • Skyler is based off a friend of Thinkaboutthisname's named Maddison

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