A story/poem about a demigod who has an abortion and regrets it deeply. Might make you cry. --Sparrowsong 06:17, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

Eva Bruno was a daughter of Hephaestus. When she was eighteen years old, she found out she was pregnant.

The father was Spencer Watson, her ex-boyfriend. Eva had broken up with Spencer after she caught him kissing Libby, her best friend.

Eva didn't feel ready to be a mother. She was single. She was unemployed. She didn't have a car, she still lived with her mother. And the child's father was a mean-spirited, careless womanizer.

So, Eva did the thing that seemed right to her. However, she didn't know how much she'd regret it.

Eva had an abortion.

When it was over and her child was dead, Eva stumbled out of the abortion clinic, still dazed from the drugs, and collapsed.

She cried harder than ever. She couldn't believe what she'd done.

"Why did I do it?!" she wailed. "I killed my only child!"

Deep down, Eva was aware of the fact that abortion was wrong. And now it was too late.

She crawled into an empty alley, pulled out a knife, and mutilated her face. She cut off her ears, her eyelashes, and the tip of her nose.

Eva reached into her purse and took out her notebook and pen. She began to write a poem.


By E. Bruno.

I walked into the clinic

Carrying a child in my body

Little did I know

It was not a clinic

But a slaughterhouse

I was a mother

I hired an abortionist, a murderer, to kill my child

I was a mother

Mother of a murdered child

I cannot believe you

You heartless "pro-choicers"

How can you say that a fetus is not a person?

Well, a fetus is definitely a person

Let me tell you

A blind person

Is still a person

A deaf person

Is still a person

A mute person

Is still a person

A person with a broken leg

Is still a person

A fetus cannot see, hear, talk, or walk

But a fetus is alive

A fetus is a child

Saying that a fetus is not a person is like

Saying that a blind person is not a person

Saying that a deaf person is not a person

Saying that a mute person is not a person

Saying that a person with a broken leg is not a person

If you support abortion

You truly have no soul

When I walked into that abortion clinic

I walked into no clinic

I walked into a slaughterhouse

Eva then stabbed herself in the chest. Her blue eyes closed, never to open again.

Her body was found two days later. The body of a demigod driven to suicide because of the unnecessary death of her child.

The End

(A/N: If you're still "pro-choice" after reading this, you are not human.)

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