Sly Matthews and a few head counslers at camp go looking for half-bloods because their short on satyrs. He then finds three in less than 12 hours. He then gets to camp, 24 hours later, to find he has a new brother. Tacomania99 18:50, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

Oh and the book starts out with a different POV butthen it's all Sly.

Chapter One

Nathan's POV

"Nathan Hades Matthews, what am I gonna do with you?" Tyler called.

"Shut up, Tyler, I'm old." I said.

"No your not." He said "3000 years is not old."

"Actully, it is." I said.

We walked down Farm Road, Long Island until we got to the base of a large hill with a dragon sleeping around a tree trunk.

"Ah, Camp Half-Blood." I said.

"Can't wait to see my brothers and sisters." Tyler said.

Tyler had half-siblings on his moms side of the family. His mom was Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge. His dad was a middle-aged taxi driver in Manhatten. My mom was Gaia and my dad was Hades. I'm no demigod, but I sure look like one.My name really isn't Nathan Hades Matthews, it's Gates.

"I just hope to see my brother, if dad is right and he's here." My brother Nico di Angelo,a thirteen year-old son of Hades.

We walked up the hill.

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