"My name is Hallie not Lia!" ~ Hallie to anyone who calls her Lia.

Sohalia Selene Hurst
Daughter of Pain
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth February 23, 1997
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Achelois (mother)

Bejamin Hurst (father) Francesca and Sam Adams (half-siblings)

Status Alive
Eye Color Ice Blue
Hair Color Silver
Height 5'4
Alias None
Affiliation None
Weapons Bow & Arrows, and a Dagger
Species Demigod
Home Fairfield, Vermont-Camp Half-Blood
Appearances Tales of Achelois
Quests None


Hallie was raised in Fairfield, Vermont. A small country town. She always thought her mother was dead and spent much of her time studying and outdoors doing something. She was a normal student who blent into the crowds at school except for her dyslexia, though she tended to whenever she was really mad yell at everyone and she even punched a few people.  She was discovered by a Satyr when she turned 11.

Once she was at camp she changed alot. She got violent when fighting the Artemis Huntresses and Apollo kids. She kicked, she punched, and she screamed. She once even dragged an Artemis Huntress to the woods to beat her up even more then she had already did. Hallie tends to have a bad temper.


Sohalia has long silver hair, and Ice blue eyes. she is 5'4, and wears jeans and a plain T-shirt most of the time.


Like the moon she has 2 sides. The light side and the dark side. Hallie can seem nice and sweet and caring sometimes,  But can turn uncaring and heartless in an instant. She is like half a puzzle finished, once you think your done figuring it out. You still have a whole other side of it left. Shes very violent and is a hot head when it comes to most things. alot of things can set her off, for example Artemis Hunttresses and being called Lia.


Artemis's Huntresses despise her and so do the Apollo kids

Hallie can heal/ take away pain

Hallie was put in the Artemis Cabin since they didnt know who her mother was, but that she had something to do with the moon and the huntresses dont come often 

Hallie is good with a bow and arrows, and also daggers

Hallie has a crush on Caleb

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