Sophia dA

Sophia Brianna di Angelo (born May 17, 2013, age 14) is a quarter-blood daughter of Nico di Angelo. The identity of her mother is unknown.

Fear In The Dark.

Sophia is seen wondering about her mother in the first chapter.

'*Edited for inappropriate content*

The end of the year comes and Sophia heads back to camp. She is attacked by Sean, a Half-Blood Hunter. Her rescuers are her half-sisters, Charlotte Castellan and Lina Grace.

Sophia is asked to the fireworks by her crush, Cody McGill. Afterwards, she has a 'good time' with him.

Surprisingly, Sophia is pregnant.


Sophia has long jet-black hair. Her skin is fairly tanned. She often wears make-up, being a teenager. She wears whatever is close at hand and pretty. She showers daily and likes to slightly curl her dark hair. Her eyes are greyish-brown. She likes wearing hats and playing around with different hairstyles. In the last year, she'd gone through three.


Nico is often reminded of Bianca by Sophia. She is nice and very generous but often shy. She tends to cower from scar situations and lets better fighters take it on. She is said to have a fear of spiders. She is a loner, due to her family background. She can be aggressive when annoyed and this one person you don't want on your bad side. She is also very smart.


  • Can summon the dead.
  • Can perform soul exchanges.
  • Can Shadow Travel.
  • Can speak with the dead.
  • Is very smart.
  • Is good at designing things.

Known Family.

  • Nico di Angelo, Father.
  • Lydia di Angelo, sister.
  • Hades, Paternal Grandfather.
  • Maria di Angelo, Paternal grandmother, deceased.
  • Annabeth Chase, mother.
  • Athena, maternal grandmother.
  • Luke Castellan, *inappropriate* and Step-father.
  • Charlotte Castellan, Half Sister.
  • Lina Grace, Cousin.
  • Ian di Angelo, Son.


  • Sophia is a relative of Hades, implying she wields a Stygian iron sword.
  • Her best friend is Cody McGill, a son of Zeus.

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