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Sounds of War is a series where the Olympians are divided and are forced to fight against each other.

Sounds of War

Collab Rules

  1. You must be active on the week and when its your turn to write the chapter must be up that week unless you have some personal problems. Each chapter must be written in less than a week and if you take longer then we will skip you, if in your second turn you don't do it in a week then we'll skip you again and if in the third you take longer then you will be kicked out of the collab.
  2. Each chapter must be at least 700 words.
  3. Characters that are considered OP won't be accepted.

Main Characters

Percy Jackson


Broken Chains (Book 1)

Zeus and Poseidon been at peace since they beat their father Kronos but it all changes when Zeus discovers that Percy Jackson attacked Camp Half Blood. Now he goes to the look for the hero that saved them 10 years ago. Zeus ends up looking for Percy with Poseidon but ends up in an argument with him and declares war. Now each god must take a side in this civil war between the gods...

Divided We Fall (Book 2)

TBA (Book 3)

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