I woke on the beach with Quintus beside me, he was still knocked out but breathing. I looked up at Claudia and asked her if she pulled us out and she shook her hade no and pointed towards the ocean. At first all I saw was the trident but then as it got closer someone was holding it he had a golden smile, tan skin, green eyes with and jet black hair, and then I realized who he was. "Dad", I said with a soft voice. Poseidon shook his head yes.

"You did good Silas you manage to defeat Oceanus and save Florida, I'm proud of you son", Poseidon said.

"Thank you but where was you when mom was attacked by that Cyclops, why didn't you save her", I told him.

"I did save her", he said, at that moment a light rose from the water and became my mother.

"Mom", I said and raned to her and gave her a hug.

"You should thank your father he was the one who saved me", she said. She told me everything that happened and how she was at Atlantis and how Poseidon guided me and Quintus's raft to Camp Half-Blood.

"Thank you", I told Poseidon and he smiled and turned into water and left. My mom went to her sisters house and we said our goodbyes because I decided to return to Camp Half-Blood and so did Quintus and he had to tell his parents our crazy story. When we got back to camp we were greeted by huge crowd and we had a celebration party at the dining pavilon. Chiron too k us to the Big House and gave me and Qintus our first camp bracelet with a Trident with a stormy background on it. 

"There is someone I want you to meet", Chiron siad. A boy camed down stairs about seventeen years old with green eyes, jet black hair and pale skin. 

"Hi my name is Percy Jackson", he said, then I realized who he was, he was my older brother.

"It seems you two have alot to discuss", Chiron said and he and the others left. He told me all of his adventures and I told him about minds and seems we had alot in common. "See you later", he said and then he left with some girl with blonde hair and grey eyes. I left the Big House not knowing what awaits me in the future but I didnt care and then I left.   

                             THE END

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