Chapter One

Why did this happen to me?

I was a normal 12 year old girl till last summer

Thats when it happend

Me and my mom went to new york for 2 weeks

While we were sitting in our hotel room some thing that looked like a shriveled hag with bat wings

Tried to kill me

My mom finally staped it with what looked like a long bronze sword

"Taylor are you alright?!" my mom asked me her vocie was scared an shaky

"Yeah" I replied

"Taylor get in the car" my mom told me

I hesitated than� I agreed

Me and my mom drove for 4 hours till we end up at a strawberry feild

"Mom whats going on" I asked her

She hugged me and said� I"ll see you next fall"

And she walked back to the car and drove away

I walked to the top of the hill were a gate said Camp Half Blood

A man that was half man half horse was at the top of the hill smileing

"Hello im Chrion and you are?" he asked me

"Taylor Tylers" i told him

he smiled and told me to go to cabian 11

there were lots of kids who seemed normal were sword fighting or playing volley ball with briht orange t-shirts that said Camp Half Blood

I walked to cabian 11 and there were two boys sitting on one of the bunk beds

"Hi im Taylor" i said

"Im Connor and this is Travis" the one on the left told me

"Cool so why are all these kids doing here?" i asked him

"Were half bloods half human half god"he told me

"Me and my brother are the sons of Hermes"

"So im a half blood?"


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