Unwound is a one-shot revolving around Phyllia.


"Phyllia, I know you're upset."

"Michael, why are you here. You already made it clear that you didn't wnat to see me."

"No, Phyllia. Your my friend. But I'm sorry, I don't like you in that way."

"Why are you here, Michael? It's certainly not to make amends."

"The gods want you."

"And I have already made it clear that I don't want the Gods."

"They need you."

"They don't see it that way."

"Phyl, they're putting together a special group, and you're the only one qualified."

"The gods are idiots."

"This isn't about how you feel about them. They're giving you the chance to-"

"It isn't about us, either. So what is it about then? Who is it about?"

"Phyllia, listen to me. I-"

"Michael, who is Lilly?"


"I've seen the name on the edge of you lips every time you look at me. The pain in your eyes."

"Phyl, this isn't-"

"Who is she?"

"My greatest mistake."

"Oh, that's positively helpful and not at all cryptic."

"Look, it was a long time ago-"

"Not that long."

"Phyllia, just answer the question!"

"Michael, I have to know."


"Michael, please. There's so much about me I don't know. Give me this at least."

"...It was a long time ago. At least, it felt that way. We- the Questers- sought refuge at my old home. I was reunited with my best friend."


"I made a mistake. She died."


"But, there was a way to save her. A dying spirit offered to bring her back. And it did. But not...her..anymore. She was you, Phyllia."

"...So that's all I am to you? a reflection of your childhood BFF?"


"Then what am I?"

"My friend."

"But not the one you wish I was. I'm not Lilly, or even Kyra. I'm just your biggest mistake."

"I'm sorry if you feel that way, I really am, but Phyllia, they need you."

"Fine. I'll take the job. But not because of you. Because I can't bear to leave my life an empty husk, without meaning, just a dramatic echo of what has past."


"Goodbye, Michael."



"Goodbye, Phyl."

And the girl vanishes on the wind of change, leaving the boy standing in the shadow of the setting sun.

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