Taegan Darzi
"There are only two means of relief from the miseries of life: music and cats."
Egyptian Demigod
Daughter of Maahes
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth February 21st
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Raine-Mother


Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6"
Alias -
Affiliation Egyptian Camp
Weapons Dagger
Species Demigod
Home Maahes's temple, Egyptian Camp
Appearances Bello Deorum (Main Page)
Quests -


Raine was a student studying archaeology in Egypt, excavating a temple. She was falling behind the others and stayed late one night to do some solo digging. She accidentally uncovered a secret door, which opened to a tunnel. She followed the path without a problem, and she entered a great throne room. There was a handsome man sitting on the throne, with a lion sitting next to him. The god Maahes decided to keep Raine for himself. After a few years, Taegan was born. Raine raised Taegan until she was 6, then Maahes decided that she was getting to attatched to himself and her mother, so he sent her to be raised by Auit, the goddess of nurses and children. Taegan resented Auit, and at the age of 11, demanded to be taken back to her mother. Auit refused, but said that if Taegan wanted to leave, she had somewhere else to go. Taegan, of course, agreed. She was allowed to say goodbye to her mother and father. Maahes gifted her with a dagger with a lion on the hilt, then sent her off to wander in the desert until she found the Egyptian Camp. She was only wandering for a day, with the guidance of her father. She has lived there ever since.


Taegan is 5'6", and has a slim, cat-like frame. She has slight curves, but usually hides them in baggy sweaters and tunics. She either wears leggings or shorts all the time, because she likes to show off her tan legs. She has to wear glasses, and opts for large, black framed, nerdy ones. She has a lip piercing that she either keeps as a diamond or a minature lion head. Her eyes are a bright, cat-like green, which she accents to make brighter with the make up she puts on every day. She also carries around her dagger, which is usually strapped to her waist.


Taegan is not extremely social, since she was raised an only child and had no friends or anything. She is the complete opposite of a flirt, and cannot tell if a boy is being romantic or not. She doesn't completely understand sarcasm, though she uses it alot. She is rather selfish and greedy, and hates sharing. One of her redeeming qualities is that she is very smart, and has good common sense. Taegan is also very good with animals, especially cats. Some guys think it's a waste that she is so pretty, but yet is so boring.



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