Quote1 Every person can be saved. They just need the right hero to do it. Today, we shall be these heroes. Quote2
Tali to Tamhas after he has given up in Abandoned.

Tali Veranez is the creation of the Oureas - (see past).

Tali Veranez is the main character in Abandoned alongside Draconis Williams and Tamhas Harris.


Tali is fiercely courageous and brave. One of her titles is 'The Valiant Tigress'. She is not afraid to walk the unknown but is afraid to let other people walk with her. In battle, Tali's mind snaps into perspective that she must win which is how she survives. She goes on full demigod instinct.

Tali isn't very good when it comes to her emotions. She prefers to bottle them up and ignore them until it is too late. In many circumstances, it ends with Tali getting injured. Tali suprising works very well with children however. This is due to her being introduced to civilisation by a shipwrecked child named Poh (who died later).

Tali doesn't get sarcasm nor humour due to her very isolated upbringing. She fights first, asks later. She is the perfect leader; able to take risks but still hold the safety net around her friends.


Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 4.50.20 PM

Tali has dark brown hair and tan skin. She has moss-green eyes that stand out and often wears simle clothes including cut-off shorts, a singlet and her bandana. Tali has a tattoo of three of three claw marks on her left cheeks representing her victories.


The Ourea are the primordial mountain gods. They met together on a vacant, mountained island undiscovered during the war which involved Percy Jackson and Kronos. They wanted to stay neutral during the war and so hid on the island but not before each putting their powers into the body of a dying, shipwrecked mortal girl. The mortal then became not a nymph, but a almost demigod creature but much more powerful. Keeping the appearance of the Israeli girl, only her eyes turned green. The girl, previously named Shal, was renamed Tali Veranez. The mortal's body was only a vessel and so, her subconcious died and Tali was born. Tali grew up as a servant to the Ourea, but was treated as a loved daughter. One day, a small boy and his father were shipwrecked onto the island. The Ourea killed the father, finding out he was a politician and that he would tell about the island but let the little boy live. Poh, the child, told Tali about the world. Poh died of hyperthermia in the night about a year later. The Ourea let Tali leave the island once the war was finished.



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