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Talon Quinton Dean (born May 5, 1995) is a demigod son of Harmonia.

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.

Talon bumps into Bianca and they become friends.


Talon has no special divine-related appearance. He looks a lot like his father. He has dark red hair, vivid green eyes, and fair skin. He has no freckles. He dresses like a punk and wears chains on his jeans, because they got stuck when he was in the forges once.


Being the son of Harmonia, the goddess of harmony, Talon is very peaceful. He has some angry tendencies, being a grandson of Ares. He is very kind and generous. However, he does have his flaws. Like he is very quick to anger and is stubborn.

Known Family.

  • Alexander Dean, Father.
  • Harmonia, Mother.
  • Ares, Grandfather.
  • Karen Dean, Grandmother.
  • Mercedes Dean, Younger Sister.


  • Talon is 3/4 divine and 1/4 mortal due to his unusual family heritage.
  • Talon's middle name, Quinton is derived from the Latin word meaning five. This is ironic because he was born on May 5. May is the fifth month in the year. And he was born in 1995.

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