Tamhas Harris is a mortal character who is the foster brother to Tali Veranez.

Tamhas is a main character in Abandoned and is the owner of Zeus's secret legacy, New King, a sword able to control lightning shocks.


Tamhas is extremely loyal and loving. He is likeable and has many friends. In Abandoned, he proves to be extremely protective towards his younger sister Marie Harris. He believes family should come first. Tamhas can be quite single-minded and biased as proven in Abandoned. However, his greatest quality is the quality to be loyal and loving.

Tamhas is very insecure about his bravery and skills but has became better. He takes not only his thoughts into consideration but others, however if it came to it; he would risk his own life for others.


Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 5.10.35 PM

Tamhas has brown hair, tan skin and due to lack of shaving, some dark brown stubble. His eyes are a brown caramel orb and he has taken to wearing protective, not fashionable, clothing. If he had the choice, he would ask for a leather jacket though. He is often told he looks a lot like his mother and sister.


He has a sword called New King which he found in the locked cellar of his house. His house used to be owned by a son of Zeus named Zachariah. Zachariah was also a grandson of Apollo and saw the future of the Abandoning and knew the future hero and king would need a weapon. He left New King in the cellar, knowing it would be found by the new hero.

The history of New King is quite phenomanel and not truly explained in Abandoned. In the Ancient Greek times of the first titan war, Zeus knew he would need a weapon. He asked the cyclops of the sea, the pegasus of the sky and the nymphs of the earth to work together to make a sword of all the vital metals. He then poured his godly power into the sword, allowing the sword to control lightning by the use of strong mind commands. When he fought Kronos, he dropped the sword down to Earth where he could nto find it as when he made it, he made it untraceable to all. The sword was eventually found by a young girl named Sera. Sera married Morte and they had six children. Sera gave the sword to her only daughter Sera II who then gave it to her nephew, Theseusin who gave it to his second son Olin who gave it...You get the point. Until it was stopped in the 1800s by a rich lord who was given it by his cousin Harry. The rich lord Mortimer hid it in his jewel room which then was stolen by the thief Kaitlyn Dogreo. It was given to her son Zachariah, son of Zeus and grandson of Apollo. He hid it until Tamhas Harris found it in Abandoned.

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