Did you have a heart attack at the title? I just about did. Read Whispers in the Dark first to understand. Yes, this is totally canonical and will effect the rest of the storyline. Sorry for killing Tay off! Sparrowsong 06:49, February 8, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One


I was in a car with my mom. She was driving around town when suddenly, I heard a banging nose.

The window shattered, embedding many glass shards in my face. I cried and began dying tragically.

My whole life flashed before my eyes. I couldn't believe I was dying.

My grandpa, Hermes, appeared and took me to the Underworld. He was crying, too.

"I'm sorry, Taylor," he apologized. "I'm sorry you had to die so young. You were only fifteen..."

I was sent to the Fields of Punishment for the crime of stealing. I cried tears of blood.

"Taylor?" a girl's voice said.

Someone shook me awake. I saw my younger sister, Nikki.

"Taylor, time to wake up!" she said.

"That was some dream," I said out loud.

The End

(A/N: HAHA, I bet I tricked you!)

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