Tech Silas Adams
Tech Adams (FYM)
The Owl
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 14, 1984
Current age 18
Gender Male
Family Brother: Terrance Adams

Mother: Sapharia Adams Father: Victor Adams

Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black
Height 6'3"
Alias The Owl
Affiliation Vigilante
Weapons -Self-Inventions


Species Human (Homo sapien)
Home Sleighport
Appearances The Owl: Series 1-3
Quests None

Tech Adams

Timeline: Tech Adams

DECEMBER 14, 1984; 1:04- Tech Silas Adams is born to Victor Adams and Sapharia Adams.

DECEMBER 14, 1984; 1:31- Sapharia Adams dies in the Sleighport Woman's Hospital shortly after giving birth to Tech Adams.

FEBRUARY 22, 1985; 23:45- Victor Adams becomes addicted to cocaine.

APRIL 29, 1992; 16:27- Terrance Adams is born to Victor Adams and Maryssa Daggon.

MARCH 22, 2000; 11:04- Victor Adams goes bankrupt.

AUGUST 17, 2000; 2:17- Tech Adams becomes The Owl.

Dossier: Tech Silas Adams


Tech Adams has no superhuman abilities, but instead realizes on his knowledge/brain power. He is "abnormally" smart and has a photographic memory. Being able to read a 600 page text book in a matter of minutes, Tech is also skilled with science, literature, and engineering. He is fluent in 16 different languages, and has trained his body to its physical and mental peaks. He can run up to speeds of 13 miles per hour, and can lift 678 lbs. He can punch through solid wall, and hold his breath for hours. Once again he does not have any superhuman abilities, but his training has made him nearly resistant to all sorts of pain and he has a high physical paint tolerance.


Tech Adams uses a highly advanced, technological arsenal of gadgets designed by him. Fasioned with an owl theme, the following gadgets in his arsenal include:

  • Grappling Hook: allows for easy access to elevated hights
  • Bolas: used to trip enemies and entagle fleeing hostiles
  • Cryptographic Decoder: deciphers coded messages and locks
  • Temporary Paralysis Darts (wrist mounted or in the form of a blow gun): paralyzes enemies for a short period of time
  • Callibrated Goggles: can see through walls, analyze evidence/data, read heat signatures, detect bomb threats, analyze weaknesses, identify identities, etc.
  • Knockout Gas: gas fused with a chemical formally that knocks out enemies for a short period of time
  • Defrequencer: shuts down all technology/electric radio waves in the perimter
  • Flash-Bang Grenade: temporarily impares visionary and auditory cabalities to those near the detonation
  • Acetylene Torch: A miniaturized laser cutting tool.
  • Smoke Pellets: Used for quick getaways
  • Cape: The Owl Suit's cape is fire proof, water proof, and can deflect bullets when wrapped around the wearer. It however can be worn down with time. The cape also keeps the wearer warm in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Rejuvination Pill: Awakes someone from unconciousness.


Author's Note

  • Tech Adams is a self-insertion of his creator, Bladewood (The Arena, The Owl).



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