Terra Homeless

Terra, when she was homeless

Terra Ava Marr (born June 18 1996) is an unclaimed demigod.

At Eternity's Gate.

Terra was abandoned when she was ten years old and dipped in the River Lethe to remove any memory of her parent(s).

She is now a homeless fourteen year old girl trying to make it through each day. She is then taken in by her only friend Leslie's grandma.


Terra looks younger than she really is. She has frizzy light brown hair that's got the odd blonde strand. Her eyes are pale green and she has tanned skin. She has a scar on her right cheek that she probably got when she was young. When she was a little younger, she had freckles. She, when she grows more, is 5'3 and weighs about 103 lbs with a BMI of about 18.2


Terra is quite persevering and brave. She, though, on a bad day can be grumpy, lazy, moody, and shy. She is very persuasive and talks a lot, due to her ADHD. When Mrs Foy taught her how to read, she could hardly read due to her dyslexia. She also has aphephobia, the fear of being touched. Her favourite colour is green.

Known Family.

  • Mrs Foy, Adoptive Mother.
  • Leslie Foy, Adoptive Sister.
  • Unnamed Mother, Mother, Probably Deceased.
  • Unnamed Father, Father, Probably deceased.
  • Unknown Olympian god/goddess, mother/father.


  • Terra is Italian for Earth.
  • The other image does not belong to Thinkaboutthisname and never will.

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