Tessa L

Tessa Allison Light (born December 21, 1988) is a currently unclaimed demigoddess.

Screams From The Abyss.

The story takes place in 2005.

Tessa is expressed to be very emotional and depressed. She finds her true nature when her foster mother tells her.


Not much is known about Tessa's past. She is said to have an older brother that was in a different Foster Home. He may also be a demigod but it is not determined. Tessa was raised until age eight by her violent mother who beat her. She called 911 when her mother approached her with a knife, threatening to kill her. They've been living in the Benson house for two years.


Tessa has very dark hair. Her hair used to be dark brown but it became black. She has fair skin but not oddly fair. Her eyes are a dark grey colour. She likes to wear red contacts. Her style is very punk or Gothic.


Being a child of abuse, Tessa is bottled up and depressed. She swore to never smile until she knew her father. Her personality is still under construction but it can be presumed that she is sour and bitter. She rarely shows her soft side.

Known Family.


  • Tessa's favourite colour is black.
  • Tessa is loosely based off Tessa Benson (aka, Stoneface) from the Jean Little book, Rescue Pup.

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