The 3rd Olympian War Part 2 by iansgameroom

After the prophecy and the giant ordeal, Camp Half-Blood was surprisingly calm for the rest of that week. Ian finally got claimed at the chariot races, too. Turns out he is a son of Poseidon. Ever since then he's been so happy it's almost creepy. At lunch one day, I saw a couple of new demigods walk into the mess hall. They both had black hair and tan skin. They looked kind of like some demigod I'd hardly met. Wica, I think. Wait. Not Wica. Um. Nico! Yeah, Nico. Well, anyway they came into the mess hall and Chiron started talking. " We have two new demigods! Their names are Aidan and Nathan Hendramey," Chiron finished. Now that I had a closer look at them, I noticed they were twins. They both wore black leather jackets and goth type clothing. Nico di Angelo, son of Hades , seemed incredibly excited.

Mr.D just sighed and said "Great. Two more brats to annoy me."

"These two demigods have already been claimed. They are children of Hades," Chiron said.

"FREAKIN' AWESOME!," Nico screamed at the sky. Then he blushed and said "Sorry. Always wanted another sibling after.....well.....Bianca died," he finished. "Well. Nico, why don't you show Aidan and Nathan the Hades cabin?" Chiron asked. "Sure!' Nico happily exclaimed and ran towards a frightened looking Aidan and Nathan.

After everyone cleared out, I walked to Chiron and asked "When are we supposed to go on this quest thing?" "Your supposed to leave this Friday," Chiron answered.

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