Zachery POV

We were on a train to Berlin.

The slowest train ever. Really.

Being demigods, ADHD really bothered us on these kinds of trips.

"Remind me again why we're on this train? It stinks, and my hair is about to collapse. It's so hot and I'm sweating. Look!" John Whine, as I called him, pulled a lock of hair and showed it to Adam, seated next to him.

A big buff guy got up from the other side of the train.

"Hey kid, if you don't shut up, I'll toss you out this train soon as we leave Ukraine, ya here? You're really a priss."

He looked like he was going to say more until Johnny started whimpering to the point that he was about to start crying.

The guy screamed at us next. "You definitely aren't the best seeker if you picked up this kid. Couldn't you find a satyr or something?"

Me, Percy, and Julius stared at each other. The demigod mind thing clicked in.


"He couldn't possibly know who we are, could he?"

"Most likely."

"Oh, and who might you be, that you know about us and satyrs and all," asked Julius.

He picked up his German accent and spoke to him in German, "I am the almighty Mikhail, Lord of the Ukrainians! Hail Camp Demigod!"

"Camp Demigod?" spewed Percy.

This Almighty Mikhail let out a laugh and said "What, you are not a demigod? Don't you have a camp?"

"We do, in America--"

"Americans! What ignorant people! Russia, Ukraine, France, most of the European countries have Camps. I am the leader of the Russian Imperial Camp."

"Imperial? Russia? I'm pretty sure Imperial Russia fell down in 1917."

"What I mean is all the nations that made up the Empire, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, you know,"

Whatever he was going to say next, he got cut off by the conductor.

In seven languages he said "Last stop in Ukraine! Next country will be Moldova!" was what he said in English.

"Are you still going to throw me off the train?" asked Johnny.

"No. But that's only if you guys listen to my plan. By the way, I'm Kratos's son."

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