The 3rd chapter in Leo's saga. The title basically says it all. We will also see Leo developing new powers. Time has been fast forwarded to battle of the labyrinth.

Chapter 1

"Only 2 days left," I said to Mileena as I sipped a smoothie.

"Yeah I can't wait for school," she said sarcastically.

I laughed to myself. I then spoke up, "Hey it's getting late we should head home."

"All right," she said.

We went on our way home with a happy expression that would quickly change to grief (and anger in my case). The sight we beheld shocked us beyond belief our entire apartment was burnt to the ground and my mom was lying at what used to be the door of the apartment in a pool of blood. I fell to my knees and began to cry.

"Mom who did this to you?" I asked not expecting an answer.

I touched her lifeless face and a vision came to me I saw my mom running for her life and a boy about my age yelling commands to a bunch of giants that I recently learned the name on Lastrygonians.

She was then caught and the boy asked,"Where is your son?"

"I'll never tell you," she said.

He stabbed her straight through the abdomen with a long blade.

"Well now you can't even if you tried," he said laughing. "Burn the whole place he ordered."

With that it went blank.

"Whoever that guy was he is going to pay," I said viciously.

"What guy?" asked Mileena.

"I saw my Mom's death and her killer. And I won't rest till I make him pay!" I vowed.

"Leo, calm down."

"How can I stay calm when the only one who cared about and loved me was murdered!"

"You know that's not true," she said. She wrapped her arms around me and said. "I do."

I returned her hug and with that tender embrace I knew I had someone else who cared about me. I also knew that she loved me.

Chapter 2

To be written

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