This is not one story but a series of stories told by the campers at the Campfire. Any characters are involved, ignoring if they are dead or in the midst of a battle in another story.

Story One: The Scarlet Macaw Goes Hoot?

Characters: Alex Carter, Fayeria, Toby Young, Ferrari Manj

Around the campfire, campers giggled. They cried, they laughed, they spoke and teased. On the leftside of the campfire, Alex sat next to Fayeria as the two broke down in laughter. Alex had just been telling the daughter of Thesis about his new step-brother who was a total menace to society. The rest of the campfire slowly slipped to silence as Alex stood up aruptly and clicked his fingers.

"Oh! I didn't tell you about Tobe's and me!" He smirked as the campfire went silent, everyone listening.

"Tobes, which is Toby Young, and me decided to have a bit of fun. It was about two years ago when Ferrari Manj was still at camp. Manj was a son of Hermes, real jokester. Great guy. Anyway, he decided to have a prank contest. Me and Tobes entered. In the end, it was down to teh final two. Us. 'Course, I knew I would win. I had the ultimate prank."

The children of Hermes all listened in even closer, leaning in so far they would nearly get burned by the flames. It didn't matter though; they had to hear the prank idea.

"I went at midnight and used some powder I was gifted for my birthday. Manj, that pro dude, had made it. It turned the wearer rainbow. Like, those lightup toys. Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue. Flash, flash flash."

A little girl, daughter of Aphrodite, giggled and called 'rainbow rainbow' while clapping her hands.

"'Course, Tobes being the idiot he was. He decided to use feather changing powder on my clothes. He accidentally dropped some on his clothes. The feather changing potion changes ya hair to have flowing feathers on it and feathery eyebrows. Real embarrasing. It didn't react well with the rainbow powder. In the middle of lunch the next day, well, wow did we get a shock!"

Fayeria cracked up laughing, remember the day.

"Tobes had like a fit in teh middle of breakfast! He turned into rainbows alright. Suddenly, he was a rainbowy bird. A scarlet mawcaw I believe. He flapped around and then, Chiron thought he was some wild bird and was gonna sacrifice him for lunch!"

The whole campfire laughed. The sound echoed into the night.

"The funniest part was this mawcaw he was stuck as. Well, something musta gone wrong again. hooted!" Alex finished the story with a chuckle.

Standing up, a blushing boy with blonde hair called to Alex.

"Dude, if you call me Tobes one more time, I'll kill ya. Maybe I should tell 'em about the time you proposed to Mr D, eh?"

The End...Hoot...Hoot...

Story Two:

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