The Celtic Knot: Chapter Three

NOW IT WAS FREDERICK WHO was groaning, “Let’s just go back to that stupid orphanage, that stupid school, that stupid everything,”

It was getting dark, and the street lights gave bright white lights that lit up the night. Lit it up too much for concealment, Frederick thought. The boys cast solid shadows in the dark.

Peter turned around. “Where will we stay?”

They never thought off that after the incident of thievery. Frederick thought of all the crazy incidents that had happened today, just because of a little heavy sphere in the Tower Museum.

“I can’t believe it,” Frederick said, “we’ve came all this way, only to be defeated by a place without rest,” “Well,” replied his friend, “we can sleep somewhere concealed, like the criminals always do in the movies. Alleys are good enough, I guess.”

Frederick shivered. Not because of the December frost that hung in the air around him, but the way Peter called the both of them criminals. “We’ll freeze to death, though,” “Well then,” Peter said, “let’s go to the bank,” “Are you crazy? We’ve already stolen ‘government property,’ so how are we going to rob a high-tech bank? With a pistol that has 3 bullets in it and a dagger?”

“No, 1) because that would lead to too much attention, 2) because that’s armed robbery, 3) were not going to rob a bank, 4) because we’re not crazy, and 5) I’m going to take some money out of my bank account.” “Oh,” Frederick said, a little embarrassed, “how are we going in there without being caught?” He added, “You know, by guards.” “Okay, I see watch your saying. But remember, the king called this incident for a couple guards, so no biggy.” Peter smiled. Yeah, it’s no biggy being a fugitive at age thirteen by stealing a mysterious object from a museum that supposedly belonged to the government and then running for your life from a drunk Royal Guard that shoots bullets crazily, almost hitting you, and then continue running and finally end up beside “Bob’s Greatest Mattress Restaurant.” What the heck is a Mattress Restaurant? Then something clicked inside Frederick and his gears started turning. “How much money do you have with you from the museum?” “Umm, 14 Knightes and 1 Crowne,” Peter replied. “I have 4 Barrones,” Frederick said, “You know, I just realized that that’s enough for a hotel,”

“You’re kidding me, right?” “Remember, the king only sent a couple of guards looking for us,” Frederick grinned. Peter rolled his eyes and followed Frederick down the dark, cobble street.

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