In between a forest and a jungle there was a meadow it was filled with flowers and lush green grass. My dark black hair twisted in the wind. So let it i've got bigger things to worry about i'm not like this meadow I wasn't innocent, sweet and not at all like the group of demigods I planned to wipe out if they didn't join us in raising our mistress, The almighty and powerful Gaia. How we were going to do that was my brother's plan and he told me to meet him here.
I waited for what seemed like hours until I saw a dark outline of a wolf out of the corner of my eye. My brother. Yes we had mastered the element of shapeshifting I thought that maybe we could turn them into tiny little mice and stuff like that. When I asked him if that was his plan he replied "no we will go to there base and pretend to be friends with them" "And then what"I asked him. "well I am learning the skill of brainwashing and you are too so my plan is to brainwash them. The leader, Alyssa McCoy is weak she will crumble at the sight of her trusted members turn agaist her and the we wll turn her to stone". " but why don't we brainwash her" I asked him "beacause our mistress can do it much more powerful then us, so she will be a very powerful ally." "but won't she be stone" "we will turn her back once Gaia has performed the inchantment on her." I hope this works I thought.

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