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Silas Corvin the main character of The Corvin Series.

The Corvin Series

The Corvin Series follows the adventure of the demigod son of Poseidon, Silas Corvin. The Series takes place several months after the events of the Heros of Olympus series.

Storm Bringer

Silas Corvin was a boy who was enjoying the last few days of his spring break only to find himself on a quest to stop the Titan Oceanus from destroying the state of Florida. Silas and his bestfriend Quintus Wayne must go on a quest with a demigod daughter of Hecate to stop the titan.

Tower Of The Gods

This story is the sequel to Storm Bringer and takes place three months later. Silas, Boyd Raith, and Emiley Fawn must retrieve Tritons conch shell before the giant Mimas can use it on an attack on Olympus.

The Dark Storm Awakening

A year after the events of Storm Bringer Quintus Wayne has been missing for eight months. Silas, Claudia, and Boyd have to go on a quest with three new demigods into the depths of  Tartarus. They would face new and old enemies and finally find out who the master is.

Quest For The Lost Scythe

Silas Corvin must work with Roman demigods in order to find the only weapon that can stop Ouranos, Kronos original scythe. They will have to sail across seas, fight new enemies and deal with hardships and sacrifices.

The Colosseum Part 1

Silas wakes up on a strange island being carried by strange monsters. He finds out that he is on an island where they hold gladiator fights.

The Colosseum Part 2: Rebellion

In progress

Companion Stories

These stories take place in between the main stories.

Battle with the Automatons

This story was written after Tower Of The Gods as a prequel to the story because I couldnt come up with anything up to write about for a new story. A month after the events of Storm Bringer Silas and his friends must stop a group of renegade automatons from destroying camp and killing everyone in it.

The Freezing Date (Wiki Contest: February 2013)

This story takes place before The Dark Storm Awakening. Silas takes Emiley Fawn out on a date to the beach. Everything goes well until Triton's girlfriend Khione shows up and takes Emiley away.

Sons of Storms

This story takes place a few weeks after the Dark Storm Awakening. Silas and Miles must work together and settle their differences if they want to save their friends.

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