Author: Bird

Genre: Anything really x3...

I'm not sure how many sets there will be, but for each set, there's going to be six books x3 (It's probably not going to be more then two sets, because I don't have that much ideas x3)

So, yeah, I'm a noob, but I've read mostly all the books, except for the newer ones, so bear with me if it's not lore friendly to you, or doesn't make sense, I'm going to try and get the books and read them (And re-read the older ones)

So yeah, enjoy~

(I am also sorry this format is weird, this is the format I usually use when writing series x3 don'teatmeplz)

(Also, credit to Ers for the name, I couldn't get past that brain-blocked part~)

Derp, enjoy (Cant garuntee you will though~)


Because you know, summaries are cool, and informative~

Alina Light, not a name more usual the the next name, actually, it's just that. Usual. Well, if you think you're just a normal kid that is.

But Alina Light learns that she is far from normal, well, as un-normal as one gets.

Thinking she is the only child of a single parent, given the story that her father had suddenly disappeared, she readily believed it, of course, it was more believable at the time, since she was young.

Alina Light is 13 years old, close to a special age, not that she knows that. 13 doesn't really stick into your head like say... 16.

But, during a normal school day at a normal school, she starts to realise that she's not normal at all, (Although she thinks no one person is normal, aren't they all special in their own way?), and after getting weirded out by some weird looking stuff, she knows that she can't always trust what she sees.

But oh well, that's life for you, Alina knows she's in danger, but what can she do? Her mother can only help to a certain extent, and nothing more.

What Alina doesn't realise, her life is going to take a.. More then rocky turn.

Main Characters

Alina Light

She is quite average, (Because average is average.) tall, blonde-haired with blue eyes, very out-going and talkative, always open to more friends, 13 years old.

More main characters will reveal themselves as I write~

Set 1

Rising Dawn - A normal school day is supposed to be normal, where you learn stuff and hang out with friends at lunch... But usually, a normal school day doesn't turn weird like Alinas' did. Very weird, with you know.. Weird stuff. Oh well, when it's weird, it's got to be quite an adventure.

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