(a true story by Jay Sea)

my journey started three years ago, when i found out Neptune was my father. Since That night, everything has changed. My life has gotten worse, but also better, if any of you can understand that.

But it all fell apart last night. Last night came the second bloody demigod dream ive had. Yet. IT was night, and cold. me and the guy i like were walking up my drive when a car swerved into a sinkhole beside my gate. not a deep one, but the impact broke the van's windsheild. together we pulled it out and saw to the two peple in the car.

(some undistigushable time later)

my freind was taking too long to get back from escorting the two in the van to the hospital. i ran up my street and found them upside down, crashed, and smoking, in another sinkhole.(wtf is up with that? i dont even have sinkholes where i live!) i pried open the door and found the driver mangled beyond recognition, the passenger with the top of her skull cut off nd her brain on the floor, and my crush gashed and his skull slashed. not off, but what ever had cut through bone. i called an ambulance, and on the way to the hospital the dream sithced to an older me crying and saying: "i cant ever love anyone again". then we were at the hospital and my crush was taken to the ER. when i woke up, he was alive.

i woke up crying. my crush is on a trip and even though were just freinds i dont know what id do if he died.

but that confirmed the growing sense of dread ive been having. my nightmare keep on coming. my freinds are pulling away and my mom hates me. athis dream almost pushed me over the top.

if anyone knows what it could mean, leave a message on the talk page, please.

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